Felt Letter Board


That’s right everybody! I made a felt letter board. It comes with two displays, shown to the above [vertical & horizontal]. Along with 26 letters [A-Z], which are in two separate colors [black & white].

You get to choose what it says in your home, school, office, at the nightclub, or at the park. Anywhere your heart desires.

I plan to add to the collection as well. I want to add words, phrases, quotes, symbols, numbers, you name it, I want it to have it all. I did, however, find someone to help me recolor it to give it more options from the jump. (If you want to help add onto the collection, please DM me on Tumblr.)

Meet Birdie, she recolors Sims 4 CC. She’s pretty spectacular and I love what she’s done with it. She has recolored the boards for plenty more options as well as recolored the letters to give you almost every color on the rainbow. You have so many amazing choices to choose from. Thank you for helping me Birdie! I plan to work with you more in the future as well. Below are some ideas that Birdie used to show you what you can do.

Felt Letter Board & Letters (Original)
Felt Letter Board & Letters (Recolored)
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[ original & recolor in zip ]

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