Hi everyone! I wanted to make a little page here to help explain a little more on the options I can provide as far as a free website.

I can provide a website just like wix or blogger in some ways. It’s a normal subdomain name ( just how wix is ( The only difference is you can actually code a layout all on your own, however, not too many people know how to do that which is okay.

I can install an easy-to-use program that allows you to install tons of free themes, install tons of free plugins that are at your disposal. The customization step-by-step tells you exactly what can be changed within the theme that the owner/coder of the theme has provided. You can turn your site into a brand new blog, just like I did. I can actually help you step-by-step, walk you through it, OR I can just set it up for you.

WordPress is a very user friendly program that I truly admire. I’ve used WordPress for years now. I used to create my own themes. I still can, and I plan on doing more of that later on.

So come on over and let me help you branch out – I am ready to help anyone who wants a F R E E website!